About Our Services

In Perry Township, most repairs and improvements are made before our residents have submitted requests for them. That’s how we define responsive service.

The Perry Township Road Department takes great pride in maintaining safe, sound roadways for our residents. We utilize proactive measures, such as asphalt rejuvenation and fiber reinforced crack sealer, to ensure longer lasting roadways, saving taxpayer dollars.

We are quick to respond to snow/ice events, making our roadways safe to travel, during and after periods of inclement weather. We monitor and maintain the storm drainage systems, regulation and street name signs along our roadways.

Other services: Spring brush chipping is offered during the last week of April, to remove tree trimmings. Mosquito monitoring and treatment is provided in the summer months. We mow the Township Complex, the Davis Cemetery and some roadside areas. Each fall, we develop a leaf collection schedule that ensures the crew will visit each neighborhood several times throughout the season.

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Contact Us

Feel free to Ian Warren, Road Superintendent at 614-889-8781 with questions or concerns.