Speed Radar Signs

On September 23, 2021, the Road Department installed two permanent electronic speed radar signs on McVey Blvd. The signs were purchased at a cost of $6,868 to allow the Police Department to better address speeding concerns received from residents. The Police Department has been using the data to examine the weekly, daily, and hourly trends of speed and traffic flow in both directions on McVey Blvd. The signs only record traffic count and speed and nothing else. If a vehicle is moving faster than 25mph, a light on the sign will flash.

A statistics summary of data from the previous week - Monday to Sunday - is prepared each week. The report consists of the weekly totals and averages for speed and vehicle count at different times of the day. 

Questions and concerns related to these reports should be directed to the Perry Township Police Department (614) 889-9508.

You can view the reports for each week below:

Report Terms Guide

Violation: Anything above 25mph is recorded as a violation on the report. The column on the far right shows the total number of vehicles that traveled at different speeds.

The number in the 85% speed column is the speed which 85% of drivers traveled at or below. E.g., if the 85% speed is 27mph, 85% of all vehicles traveled 27mph or slower. 

The total number of vehicles that passed by the radar can be found at the top right of the report and the bottom of the vehicle count column.

NOTICE: Due to a malfunction in the northbound sign on McVey, there are no reports for the weeks of 11.08 and 11.15. Reports for the southbound sign are still available. Thank you.

Weekly Speed Sign Reports - McVey Blvd