Zoning Boards & Public Hearings

Board of Zoning Appeals

Current board members

The Board of Zoning Appeals is resident composed board that hears, deliberates, and reaches decisions upon requests for variances and conditional uses. The BZA also hears zoning appeals made for any decision by Township in enforcing the Zoning Resolution.

Zoning Commission

Current board members

The Zoning Commission is a resident composed board that hears proposals for amendments to the Zoning Resolution, development plans, and rezonings. The ZC decides whether or not to recommend proposed amendments to the Perry Township Board of Trustees.

BZA & ZC agendas & minutes are available on the Agenda Center: https://www.perrytwp.org/AgendaCenter


Meeting Date: June 6, 2022 @ 6:00 PM

Meet location: 7125 Sawmill Rd, Dublin, OH 43016

Link to Township YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7azlmrP1T9QZL-42Sj0r5g

The Perry Township Board of Trustees will hold a public hearing on July 6, 2022, at 6:00 PM to consider a recommendation from the Perry Township Zoning Commission to adopt a resolution, case number 158-RZ-22, which proposes an amendment to the Zoning Resolution. The resolution, if adopted, would add Section 450 to the Zoning Resolution and create the Henderson Planned Overlay District as a planned unit development under Ohio Revised Code § 159.021(C). The proposed amendment and supporting documents can be viewed below. 

BOT Hearing 07.06.22

Due to the size of the current board room, please be advised that available seating in the Township Hall meeting room is extremely limited. As such, seating will be available on a first come, first serve basis. Therefore, we strongly recommend that township residents and the general public view or participate in scheduled meetings virtually or by phone. A YouTube link will be made accessible through the township website by 3PM the day of a scheduled meeting at the top of this page. 

Residents who wish to present testimony at this hearing and those with inquiries should contact Beth Beatty, Township Administrator, by email at bbeatty@perrytwp.org or by phone at 614-339-0234 Monday-Friday, 8:30am--4:00pm.

We understand that people can be angry when they feel that matters about which they feel strongly are not being dealt with as they wish. However, we consider it unacceptable when that anger escalates into aggression or abuse towards our staff. Aggressive or abusive behavior includes language that may cause staff to feel afraid or threatened, derogatory remarks and offensive language. We also consider inflammatory statements, remarks of a discriminatory nature and unsubstantiated allegations to be abusive behavior. The Perry Township Police Department may be notified of aggressive or abusive behavior per ORC § 2917.11(A)(2); this will always be the case if physical violence is used or threatened.