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  1. Ohio's Public Records Act Notification

    Perry Township, Franklin County does not actively share personal information gathered. However, because Perry Township is a public institution, information collected may be subject to the Ohio Public (Open) Records Act.

    It is the policy of Perry Township, Franklin County to strictly adhere to the State of Ohio’s Public Records Act. All communication and records of Perry Township, regardless of the format or medium, are public unless they are specifically exempt from disclosure under the Ohio Revised Code (O.R.C. § 149.43).

    As such, upon request we may be compelled by law to release information gathered from our email server, social media and other forms of communication. This may include - but is not limited to - server log information, e-mail messages, and information collected from web-based forms.

    By clicking proceed you acknowledge that the information you are about to submit may be subject to release under the terms and conditions set forth in the Ohio Revised Code: Public Records Law. Thank you.

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