Registered Door-To-Door Vendors

Perry Township Police issue vendor permits to companies & individuals that want to canvass in the township promoting their goods and services. The vendors are required to provide a driver's license or state-issued ID card for each individual that will be in the township. A criminal history check is run from Franklin County court records. The township does not review the vendors business and a vendor's permit is NOT a recommendation from the township, only a permit for them to canvass in the township. Check with the Better Business Bureau to find out more about a vendor

Food Truck Protocol: Food-Truck-Protocol

If you have any concerns or problems with a door-to-door vendor, please call the Perry Township Police Department at 614-889-9508 

Please request to see the vendors permit issued by the Perry Township Police Department (this is the application that has been approved & signed by the Chief of Police).

Approved Vendors

Bradley Hashim, AT&T Home Products
Lauren Mapes, AT&T Home Products
Dawson Bonde, AT&T Home Products

Benjamin Hamm, Absolute Contracting Plus LLC
Brian Hamm, Absolute Contracting Plus LLC
Christopher Morrison,  Absolute Contracting Plus LLC
Brandon Wrightsel, Absolute Contracting Plus LLC

Timothy Hankins, 
Aptive Environmental Pest Control
Aaron Childs, Aptive Environmental Pest Control
John Blair, Aptive Environmental Pest Control
Andrew Jensen,Aptive Environmental Pest Control