Driveway Permit



The permit fee is $10.


The issuance of this Certificate of Zoning Compliance does not in any way supersede, alter or otherwise affect any other type of restriction pertaining to this property as may be found on the applicable plat, deed or elsewhere. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that his/her/their proposed use meets all other public and private requirements, which may be imposed or otherwise affect the land, structure(s) and or use referenced herein. A final zoning inspection will be required of this property once the project is completed. Please contact the Zoning office at the number listed above to schedule this inspection.
Decorative Driveways: Township approved approach work in the right-of-way will be replaced with concrete or maximum reimbursement of $600.00

Development Standards

Driveways: Section 531.083 and 531.084 Driveway width 20 feet at street and 33 feet beyond street right of way. Only 1 driveway permitted with 1 point of ingress and egress. Driveway must be 3 feet or more from any property line. Side load garages shall have a turning pad of no less than 24 feet. Saw cut must be done at roadway. Blacktop Driveways: minimum of 2 inches of asphalt with a good base.

Concrete Driveways: Minimum thickness of 6 inches at the apron and a span minimum 6 foot and maximum of a 10 foot span.